About Us

"Create the things you wish existed"

I started this because as someone with Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), I really struggled to find bandages that didn't stick to wounds. Throughout my life, I used many products that were "okay"- plasters/bandaids, gauze, non-stick pads, cotton pads, tubular bandages etc. Although they protected my wounds from dirt and abrasion... my wounds ALWAYS stuck to them! Even the "non-stick" ones! 🤣 Whenever I would take these bandages off, I would inadvertently take my delicate crust or scab off with it. This frustrated me and delayed my healing.

I started making these from kitchen paper towels which did the trick. It allowed my wounds to heal because there was no addtional abrasion. I made these every night and wore them diligently. I saw great healing and was incredibly happy.

And then I thought to myself, are there other people who could benefit from this? Is there a way I can make this more sustainable?

So here I am. I created the Donut Shield because this is something I wish existed.

Thanks for your support ❤ Feel free to message me or DM me on IG (@eczema_warrior) if you have any questions.

- Michelle


Donut Shields out of kitchen paper towels

First Prototype: I started making donut shields out of kitchen paper towels to protect my oozy wounds from movement when I slept