Donut Shields

Nipple Donut Shield

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Nipple Donut Shield: this will protect your tshirt or bra from rubbing against the delicate surface on your nipple. It will sit just around your nipple giving it the space it needs to heal. If you're a lady, you can also wear it under a lightly padded bralette which will hide the donut shape. And if you're breastfeeding, you can wear it under nursing pads as well! Otherwise, you can rock the shape, I sure have ;)

- Cushion > An absorbing cushion
- Protection > Keeps the area dry + protected
- Contact-Free > Can be worn under dressings/tubular bandages to protect against “sticking”

** Package of 2 Donut Shields

Made of Bamboo Jersey, it is ideal for sensitive skin and is machine-washable.

Recommended care instructions:
Machine washable, air dry. If you are dealing with excessive exudate, machine wash with hot water after each use

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