Donut Shields

Nipple Donut Shield- Full Coverage

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Nipple Donut Shield- Full Coverage: If you're struggling with eczema/TSW on your nips AND areola, this Donut Shield will protect your tshirt or bra from rubbing against the delicate surface. It will sit just around your areola giving it the space it needs to heal. Because the diameter of this version wider, we stacked 3 donut shields on top of each other to create enough height to protect your nipples. So, it's harder to be discreet when wearing the Full Coverage version.

If only your nipples are affected, the smaller size is better because it'll be less bulky :)

- Cushion > An absorbing cushion
- Protection > Keeps the area dry + protected
- Contact-Free > Can be worn to protect against “sticking”

** Package of 2

Made of Bamboo Jersey, it is ideal for sensitive skin and is machine-washable.

Recommended care instructions:
Machine washable, air dry. If you are dealing with excessive exudate, machine wash with hot water after each use

My IG is @eczema_warrior and you can DM me if you have any questions. Cheers!